May 19, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2013 - Entry #2

Welcome to everyone visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival. My name is Kyndra and I'm so glad you stopped by!
This spring, I decide to do a second entry and I am entering my Angle Quilt into the baby quilt category. Those of you who aren't new here, I apologize for yet another post about this quilt. It'll be the last. I promise. If you are new, you can find my original post here.
 This quilt was 'accidentally' designed by my hubby. This design was just something that he was playing around with for another project and I knew when I saw it, that I just had to make a quilt from the design.
I'm a huge fan of solids, and I love Kona's large selection of colors. For this quilt, I used Kona White, Coal, Chartreuse, Orange and Lake.

I quilted it on my Janome Horizon 7700. I chose straight line quilting for this quilt. I quilted a different pattern in each color, matching the thread to the fabric. I chose a more random method for the distance between the lines of stitching so I wouldn't have to spend time marking the quilt.  I used a black and white print for the back, so the colorful quilting would stand out.

This is the second quilt "pattern" I've finished writing. I can truly say that I'm truly enjoying the pattern writing process. There are three more patterns in the works... For this quilt, I decided to share a free tutorial. For me, free tutorials mean less time because I use photos instead of illustrations like I do for my patterns. That means my hubby doesn't have to work hours and hours to get the illustrations just right.

One of the biggest reasons I like sharing tutorials because some of the best things I have made have come from free tutorials. I learned almost all of my quilting skills online through free tutorials, and providing free instructions on a fun project or important skill is a great way to give back! The quilting community is so generous in that way, and I totally want to be a part of that generosity. You can find the tutorial for my Angle quilt here.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to have your vote! (vote here)

Full front view- finished quilt top only
Name: Angle Quilt
Size: 32" x 40"

Fabric: Kona Cotton in orange, white, chartreuse, lake, coal, Summersville
Batting: cotton/bamboo blend
Quilting: Home machine
Tutorial found here.


  1. "Accidentally designed by my husband"… LOL.

    It's a great quilt - one of my favourites of yours. :-)

  2. Very nice! I like the simple but effective design.

  3. It's one of my favourites too - I love solid HST quilts and the colours and quilting are gorgeous.

  4. Amazing how the use of just of few colors can make such a dramatic statement. I like the use of the "newsprint" for the backing, it is a nice contrast to the top. I also like your idea about spacing differently in each color set. I had never thought of that. I appreciate your giving the free tutorial on this one, I plan to make it! Thank you.

  5. Everything, front& back, is sooo good! And THANK YOU for a tutorial! I too, have gained so much benefit from the generosity and helpfulness of this amazing online quilting community!

  6. I was hoping you would enter this one!

  7. Amazing!! Love the colors and the angles! Well done, great work!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  8. Beautiful quilt, really made by the gorgeous solid colours you chose! Love the quilting too :)

  9. When your husband is done with your illustrations send him over here ;o)
    Love that little quilt!!

  10. Found you via Blogger's Quilt festival. LOVE this one!

  11. Love your choice of colors. The quilting compliments this quilt.

  12. audacieux choix de couleurs acidulées pour ces triangles, j'adore

  13. Great quilt! Love how bright it is! And I like the quilting too!

  14. Love the colors. They show off the "accidental" design beautifully. Smiles-Beth